About us

About Us

About us

Since 1995 the nour gmbh is running business in the international trading market. Our expertises and qualifications consists in logistics and aviation.
Backed by a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the industry, business and customer, we at Nour Aviation are dedicated to provide a high level of value and care to each client, business partner and stakeholder alike, by becoming partners in achieving their individual goals.
Vision: To be a sought-after entity that focuses on Innovation, Inspiration & collaboration with our team and customers to drive profitability.
Mission: Deliver cutting edge service & value
Our Value: Team Customer, Attention to Detail, Loyalty & Integrity

We are the exclusive sole agent of the world’s best Gyrocopter in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Nour believes that the philosophy of “vertical integration” has its merits, but our policy will be “concentrating on the core business” and “stick to what we good at”.

Hassan Fallahbolandtabe

Managing Director (CEO)
Flag Iran
Mobile:   +49 172 216 77 56
Email:   fallah@nouraviation.com

Mohammad Hesamzadeh

Key Account Manager
Flag Iran
Mobile:   +49 152 540 310 40
Email:   m.hesamzadeh@nouraviation.com

M. Goharwar

Project Manager
Flag Iran
Mobile:   +49 171 535 61 59
Email:   m.goharwar@nour-gmbh.de

Jalal Ghanbari

Pilot and Marketing Direktor in Iran
Flag Iran
Mobile:   +98 912 709 62 75
Email:   c-j.ghanbari@nouraviation.com