Complete new concept on four wheels

Four wheels make the ‘trike’ extremely extremely extremely stable. Who does not know that: The glider does not rise perfectly and the trike quickly lifts a wheel and keeps on rolling on just two wheels. …Whew! gone well this time …… that is completely a thing of the past for the quad.

The Cross-X got its name for a good reason. The quad does not only fly safely and easily, it also feels great in the terrain. Thus, not only flying is an experience, as well on the ground it’s something very special.

Electric drive with differential

Its special design makes it ideal for use in the air or off-road.
Optionally, an additional electric drive in planning with German / European road approval up to 45 km / h.
This registration-free road registration is driven with a small license plate.
Special advantage: No TÜV and only small insurance costs
Depending on the size of the battery, a range of 100 km is desired.

The Cross-X Gallery

Cross-X 2
Cross-X 3
Cross-X 4
Cross-X 5
Cross-X 7

Technical Data

Cross-X inclusive 4 Stroke Engine and 1.75 m propeller

Height 2.14 m
Length 2.50 m
Width 1.97 m

Cross-X 6
Cross-X T1
Cross-X T2

Further information and details: Cross-X