Celier Aviation received a letter of intent to partner with the NAC Malta in April 2014.
The National Aerospace Centre (NAC) Malta was established by virtue of Legal Notice 68 of 2014 as enacted in the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION ACT (CAP. 497)


Statement by Celier Aviation regarding German certification of the Xenon 4 Gyroplane.
All gyroplanes in Europe do not fall under the responsibility of the EASA for Airworthiness purposes but they fall under the direct governance of a country’s (member states) Civil Aviation Authority.
Celier Aviation has opted to benchmark its certification process via the German Civil Aviation Authorities through the powers vested in the Deutscher Aero Club E.V.
Other countries in Europe gladly accept the German standards and adopt them as their own.
All certification process for the Xenon 4 has been processed through our company Celier Aviation Germany GmbH.
Gyroplanes in Europe are considered to be Annex II Aircraft and for this they fly legally under what is known as a »Permit to Fly«.
We proudly declare that we are the only 560 kg MTOW side-by-side Gyroplane to fly legally in Europe.

Grand Champion Gyroplane Award in Oshkosh, USA for Celier Aviation Xenon




Annex II to EASA Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 target="_blank"


Celier Aviation Xenon 4 German Certification