Like The Name so The Trike: BulliX

The Trike is like a Bull. Tough situations and bumpy terrain swallos the full suspension without any problems. It offers durability at a high level.

Low Rider or Big Wheel

BulliX 1
BulliX 2

We got two different versions of the BulliX

Low Rider Big Wheel
Small Wheels Big Wheels (extra damper)
low center suitable for most terrains
Weight: 36 kg Weight: 43 kg

Disc Brake

Every BulliX is equipped with a very effectively, cable operated disc brake.

Technical Data

Height 1.70 m
Length 2.45 m
Width 1.47 m

Weight: 36 kg Low Rider,Rescuesustain,Throttle Rest,Cockpit

Weight: 72 kg Low Rider, Rescuesustain,Throttle Rest, Cockpit, Monster-E-Starter

Rear Suspension Travel: ~230 mm

Front Suspension Travel: ~150 mm

Rim Size Big Wheel: 150 mm (Plastic)

Rim Size Low Rider: 75 mm (Alu)

Available standard colors: Red RAL 3020; Black RAL 9002

Cockpit as a standard

DULV certified with Monster and Simonini

Front Disc Brake

BulliX T1

BulliX T2

Further information and details:
www.fresh-breeze.de BulliX