C-44 MedEvac


As governments watch their helicopter fleet age and get more expensive, Celier Aviation innovates to bridge this gap. The C-44 gyroplane can perform 90% of a helicopter mission at only 10% of the cost. This is a flying machine that maximizes savings while optimizing efficiency. The C-44 has been designed for this reason.


The C-44 is a French design that is manufactured in the European Union.
It is truly an engineering work of art, built on the legacy of the Xenon. It is made of carbon in monocoque cabin technology. It is structurally built in one piece of material. All metal parts are made in an ISO 9001 facility using latest industrial machinary and protocols. It is indeed the next generation aircraft.


The C-44 is built on the basics of the Xenon technology.
The main safety feature is the cabin. The main task of the cabin is to provide an enormously strong shell to which all other parts are fixed. This provides a huge safety for Crew.


The C-44 gives any commander the flexibility of action at an economical capital outlay and routine running cost. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and above all, easy to convert from a configuration to another.


The C-44 was created as a response to modern days market needs. Celier Aviation has made numerous market studies on how gyroplane could be used for multipurpose missions. By listening to professionals, Celier Aviation came up with a gyroplane that can be easily tranformed from one configuration to the other in no time at all.


The benefits of the C-44 gyroplane are numerous. The C-44 engine (Rotax 912 ULS-T 135 hp) uses normal car fuel found in domestic fuel stations. It can fly in turbulance, high winds and extremities of cold and hot temperatures. It is easy to pilot, maintain and operate.
It is less expensive to run than a helicopter and does not need a long runway for takeoff.
For landing it requires only 5 to 10 m to come to a full stop.
It is easily transported for special operations and rendered ready to fly in under 20 minutes.