• How can I share my flying experience with a guest?
  • How can I learn to fly without going Solo on my first flight?
  • How can I easily transport all my equipment?
  • How can I start safely with the lowest possible risk?
  • How can I get down safely if the conditions have deteriorated
  • How can I fly in stronger conditions than a normal paraglider?

This doubleseater Trike ist the “Flagship” of Fresh Breeze. This Trike has already created al lot of excitement, although as a pilot and passenger you can be totally relaxed! But the excitement outhweights and the name is programm.

  • 2 comfortable seats
  • High performance 2-way engine with maximum output of 50 kw
  • Electronic controlled fuel injection
  • Powerful alternator for heating clothes or electronical devices
  • Electric Starter
  • Manual starter
  • Cruise control
  • Full suspensionsystem forgives non-perfect landings
  • Ballistic recovery system
  • 2 roll-over bars guarantee maximum potection for pilot and passengers
  • Special X-Wing EVO for high speed with maximum safety
  • Stepless adjustments for trimm and speed of the wing
  • Optional second throttle lever for schooling
  • Trailer package: The trike itself can be towed up to 100 km/h (63 mph)
  • A tarpaulin protects the XCitor when used as an trailer
  • DULV certified (German Ultralight Association)

Quality made in Bissendorf

The XCitor Gallery

XCitor 1
XCitor 2
XCitor 3
XCitor 4
XCitor 5
XCitor 6
XCitor 7
XCitor 8
XCitor 9
XCitor 10
XCitor 11
XCitor 12
XCitor 13
XCitor 14
XCitor 15

Technical Data

length 3,17m
Height 2,00m
width 1,91m
weight (empty) 168kg
payload 200 kg
weight (max.) 368 kg
fuel Capacity 31 L
spring Travel < 125 mm (front)

150 mm (rear)
steering System operated by feet
wheel Diameter 300 mm front, 500 mm rear
Brake, Front Wheel Drum
Number of Pilots can be single and tandem used without any conversion

Further information and details:
www.fresh-breeze.de XCitor