The comfortable single seater trike. No ground is too uneven, no student is too inexperienced, no pilot too large & no journey too long.

Lots of great features which make it incomparable to others!

X-One 1
X-One 2

Suitable for engines for this trike:

  • 4T 250 ccm Swissauto.
  • Hyper ThoriX
  • Super ThoriX
  • ThoriX 190
  • Monster
  • F 23 Boxer

The Swissauto 4T 250 is our most innovative engine . His 28.2 kw and the 3 blade propeller with 1.40 m or 1.75 m provide the engine a powerful boost. The fuel consumption is extremely low and its 4-valves technology with the electronic fuel injection system is innovative in the paramotor world. The noise level is very low.

The Hyper ThoriX is the new water-cooled (250 cc) engine from Polini with a lot of power and thrust that still can be used by strong guys as a foot launch system. This engine generates enough power to airborn heavy pilots with a good climbrate. Available with a two blade propeller in 1.25 m or for trike with 1.40 m.

The F 23 is a boxer engine from the traditional company Hirth. This engine has a huge boost with its 521 cc and almost 37 kw. If you need 4 m / s climb, you should think about this combination.

The Super ThoriX is a 200 cc engine (2 stroke single cylinder) from Polini with 21 kwi. This engine is already in use since a few years. Due to the balance shaft, the motor runs with extremely low vibration. The SuperThoriX has a two blade propeller with 1.25 m.

The ThoriX 190 is the super stripped version from Super ThoriX. Due to its light weight, the engine is a perfect foot launch engine. But the engine has plenty of power and is therefore perfect for both start modes.

The Monster is still well-used motor. His 4-blade propeller with 1.25 diameter provides a decent boost. The monster has 312 cc and runs already in the lower speed range very strong.

The X-One offers safety, a wide range of suitable engines & high comfort with its wide and padded seat during the flight.

The tank has a capacity of 28 liters. A continuous flight time up to 9 h are possible.
It´s a full suspension trike.
The shock absorbers have a long suspension travel up to 25 cm
The damper muffle all irregularities and grant safe take offs and landings for pilot and gear.
The rear wheel base of 175 cm provides high stability for the Trike.

X-One 3: Tank
X-One 4: Federung
X-One 5: Achse

Technical Data

Height 1.82 m
Length 2.39 m
Width 1.70 m

Weight without engine 46 kg
Weight with 4T 93 kg
Weight with Hyper ThoriX incl. E-Startermotor 80 kg
Construction Aluminium
Capacity 28 Liter 95 Octane, Race Fuel or 100 LL
Power 22,8 kw 31 hp
Altinator ~ 30 Watt at 5000 1/min
Altinator ~ 35 Watt at 8000 1/min
Propeller 4 T 3 Blade 140 cm or 175 cm Static thrust 90 kg and 115 kg
Propeller Hyper ThoriX 2 Blade 140 cm Static thrust > 90 kg
Propeller Super ThoriX 2 Blade 125 cm Static thrust 77 kg
Propeller ThoriX 190 2 Blade 125 cm Static thrust 77 kg
Suspension travel ~25 cm
Schooling Yes
X-One T1
X-One T2
X-One T3

Further information and details:
www.fresh-breeze.de X-ONE